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"Taranis" counterterrorism, tactical, combat knife, obverse side view in CPMS30V high vanadium stainless tool steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Olive/Black G10 fiberglass epoxy composite laminate handle, locking kydex, aluminum, stainless steel sheath with ultimate belt loop extender and accessories

Where's My Knife, Jay Fisher?

A few of the knives in progress, May 2009

This Page...

...is about your custom knife that you've ordered from me. If you're here, you've probably ordered a custom knife from me, and you're checking on the progress of your project. You may also be here out of curiosity, to see just how many orders and projects are underway at Enchanted Spirits Studio. Unless you've asked for anonymity, your knife or sword project and its current status at the last update is listed in the projects queue below.

I know of no other knife maker who will keep you currently posted on the status of a project, nor do they post other projects by name so you can see what they are working on. Because the internet and web sites are an active source of current information (or should be) it makes sense to be able to check on your investment, and see how it is coming along.

I update this page frequently, probably more than any other page on the site, including the home page and the featured knives. Not only does it help you see where your project is, it helps me to track the project in the studio. If you're working on ten knives, it's simple enough to keep the details in your head, but there are over a hundred knives in the works here, so tracking them becomes very important. That is the reason you'll see a letter designation on the knife. This means nothing to you, but is my system for keeping your knife identified as it works through the various processes in the studio.

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Hello Jay;
The check was sent Saturday and you should receive it sometime this week. The reason for the deposit, so soon, is because as your line is getting longer by the day and I predict a two year lead time in the not to distance future. Thanks for agreeing to make the piece, your workmanship is well worth the wait.


The Steps
Basic Steps in making a custom knife
1. Patterning and Design work
2. Profiling
3. Milling and Surface Grinding
4. Milling and drilling
5. Tapering Tangs
6. Master Grinds
7. Edge Grinds
8. Filework and Blade Engraving
9. Heat Treat and Tempering
10. Control Grinds
11. Finish Grinds
12. Polish(Blade Finished)
13. Bolster/Guard Profiling/Shaping
14. Bolster/Guard Face Finishing
15. Bolster/Guard Attachment
16. Handle Patterning and Design
17. Handle Blocking and Profiling
18. Handle Attachment
19. Handle Finishing (Knife Finished)
20. Engraving Bolsters, Fittings
21. Sheath, Stand, or Case Patterning
22. Sheath/Stand/Case Profiling
23. Sheath/Stand/Case Construction
24. Maker's Mark, Personalization, Sharpening
25. Photograph, Engrave Description Plaque, Ship

The basic steps for a custom handmade knife are listed in this table. They are not strict definitions, just general guides to quickly give you an idea of where your knife project is.

The steps are very basic; for example, the control grinds (step 10) to finish grinds (step 11) takes nine grinding steps, with both the hollow grinds and the flat grinds being worked over, offhand, until every previous scratch is removed. This takes hours and hours on each knife. So, I've condensed the steps to make it a little less daunting. Folding knives take about three times as much effort to design and construct, and they're condensed here too.

You'll probably see a sudden jump in steps when the work starts on your knife. Then, it may wait a while on one step. This may happen for a variety of reasons, for instance when I heat treat, I do it by batches, so a number of the same type of steel blades may have to accumulate for the heat treat to happen. A similar thing happens with sheaths, as the shop tooling must be changed over for sheaths, and no grinding can occur in the shop while sheaths are being constructed, as leather is subjected to staining by swarf and fine metals dust during tooling.

You may want to keep an eye out as the project passes step 20. That means it's almost finished, and it will help to move things along if you're ready with the balance of your payment. Also important to consider is that if you have requested custom embellishment such as commemorative or personal etching, that can not take place until after the complete balance is paid.

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Fileworking in the studio. This may take hours on each knife. Try to do this left-handed with a torn shoulder rotator cuff!

The Projects (the Queue)
Your Name Name of the Knife or Project Current Step Designation**
A. Al-Mutawa Mariner 8  
D. Baxter Procyon 1  
T. Berryhill Ladron 1  
T. Bradley Titan* 8  
C. Brann Ultimate Warrior 1  
P. Bull Macha Navigator 8  
R. Bunch Thuban 1  
S. Calder Phlegra Modified 1  
M. Cini Raptor 1  
D. Ciubotaru Procyon 1  
S. Coyle Arctica 1  
de Chalain
Chef's Set* 1  
T. Dowling Tanto Folder 3 X
R. Finley Calisto 8  
D. Galka New Design 1  
O. Gesuato Orion 1  
T. Greenfield Chef's Set* 1 BA-BF
M. Hogan Patriot 1  
S. Holtz Chef's Set* 5  
S. Holtz Vindicator 8  
S. Holtz Taranis 8 CE
A. Kaplan Chef's 1  
M. Karnicki Dagger 1  
R. Karnicki Phlegra 1  
R. Karnicki Kadi 1  
P.Knapp Lynx 1  
P. Knapp Xanthid 1  
B. Koch Pherkad 1  
B. Koch Fillet 1  
R. Kramer Mule, Engraving 1 AF
C. Lanoie New Chef's 1  
H. Lobdell Malaka* 18 AB
D. Matanic New Design 18  
J. Morgan New Hybrid 1  
M. Rascon New Design 1  
H. Rosenbaum Vespula 1  
G. Sigerson Ari B' Lilah 5 BX
G. Sigerson Triton 1  
T. Suominen Clarau Magnum 1  
Various Secret Knives I won't tell!  
B. Walker Kitchen 8 BV
J. Wilson Cygnus-Horrocks 1  
* indicates multiple knives
** The Designation is simply my way of tracking knives in the shop/studio.

I know of no other knife maker or artist who will publicize this type of list of their current orders and works. Most clients are grateful for the service and the update. Some clients do not wish to have their real name used on the list, so they've created aliases here. Others with custom knives and projects on order may not wish to have any information about their orders, so they're completely omitted from this project table.

As you can see, you're in good company if you are on this project table. In addition to the project list in the table at the left, there are numerous other knives in the works in my Enchanted Spirits Studio. It's not uncommon to have nearly a hundred knives in the various stages of production at any given time in the studio.

As you look over the list, you'll get an idea of the types, patterns, and styles of knives in the works. Tactical knives, chef's knives, and collector's knives are the main fare, with hunting knives and working knives filling out the work load.

You also may notice that some of the same names have several knives in production. Though some may be regular clients, others are new clients who have decided that rather than wait for their first knife, it may be better to have several in production, as my order list and wait time continues to grow.

You'll see a tracking designation on the table. This means nothing to you, my client; it is simply my way of tracking knives and projects in the studio. There are so many knives underway that I have to identify and stay up with each individual project. You can see the letter designations on the knife blades at the top of this page and on other pages of the site.

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Multitudes of blades in various stages of production in Enchanted Sprits Studio

Your order

Though there are many orders on the list and in progress in the studio, a singular client usually is interested in only one thing: his order. While I try to keep that in mind for every client when working on his knife or project, I ask for patience while the whole process takes place. All orders start at step one, and if you're new here you might realize that the order stays at step one for quite a while as other's knives are finished and clear off the list.

Once in a while a client may look at others' projects and swear that they were placed after his order, and yet they seem to move up the list faster. This may be because some clients order knives that are already in production, in the list below or directly from me. Also, now and then a client will cancel, and his knife will come up available in an uncompleted state, and these may also be ordered by clients. The knife and order will then appear on the list, at a higher number of completion. A client may asked to be added to the list taken off, then added again with a different project. The list is fluid and constantly updated, though you may think your knife is stuck at step one. The point is that watching someone else's order is not a key indicator of where yours is in the queue.

The type of steel may also contribute to the movement of the order. Most of my knives are made of 440C high chromium hot work martensitic stainless steel, so that is the type I'm heat treating most often. Because heat treating and cryogenic processing is done in batches, it may take longer to get enough knives in same type of steel to do a heat treat. Once there is enough, I'll heat treat in a batch, so a group will all move up together.

I do my best to keep this all moving along. All clients have appreciated this continuous update, and if you have a specific question about your project and status, please email me.

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The order rack in the studio. Some of these pages have five knives on the page, and there are twice as many pages in the office, waiting to get on the rack. Whew!

How long to delivery?

Delivery times vary depending on many things. You would be very surprised to see just what is going on in the studio, and if you're a client, I invite you to come by for a personal tour. There are knives and knife projects everywhere, knives in various stages of production, machinery and tools in upgrade and repair, drawings and designs at different stages of completion. Juggling all this is quite a feat.

In my early knife making years, delivery times were very short because I simply did not have many orders or commitments. The last ten years, orders and interest has grown considerably and if you've been following my work, you know that delivery times have increased considerably, depending on the project. There is no way that I can guarantee a specific delivery time, as each knife project is unique, and may encounter some unknown issue that can lead to a delay.

Delivery times may also be shorter than quoted. If production moves along incredibly well, and luck prevails, your project can be completed before the delivery time. So the list above is a good key to when the project is coming to fruition. Keep an eye there, so you can be ready to pay your balance and receive your knife, sword, knives, or artwork.

Please remember that in addition to making knives, I create specialized tools, repair all the machine tools, and perform every function in the studio myself. This is called MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations). You would be very surprised to learn how extensive and demanding this is, and that, too, requires time. Thanks for your understanding.

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Tool repair is continuous in the machine shop/knife studio:
Tool Repair: here's the main square wheel belt grinder's dc permanent magnet motor on the bench. Nothing runs forever! This rebuild will give it new bearings, brushes, holders and new life! I do all the industrial machine repairs in the studio!
More about the studio

What can I do to help move this along?

This is very important. Please keep me updated as to your current email address, physical address, and telephone numbers!

 It is great if you email now and then, checking on the status of your knife or project and update any changes in your contact information.

Please keep an eye on your project, particularly when it starts nearing completion so you can be ready to pay the balance. That way I can ship your project as soon as I receive payment. Purchase and payment details are on the Custom Knife Order page.

If the project is complete and you don't respond, here's what I do. I email three times to the email address I've been given by you. I'll give you a deadline for payment, and If I receive no response, the order is canceled and offered to the public. Details on my Custom Knife Orders page at this bookmark.

If you have a life-changing event that forces you to cancel your order, please let me know as soon as possible. I realize that things happen, and the last thing I want to do is impose any financial burden on someone who is unable to pay for his order. This is one of the reasons that, unlike most other knife makers, I do not require half or most of the knife cost as a deposit. As long as your knife is not extremely unusual, it may be possible to offer it to other interested clients, collectors, or knife users. I've never had a problem selling a finely made knife!

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"You don't want to piss off the guy who makes edged weapons for a living."

--Tom Clancy
I'm working on it!

What other knives may you have available in the works?
Knife Pattern Pattern Group Knife Type Amount Blade Steel Tracking Designation*
Bowie Tactical Art N/A Collector's, Tactical 1 Damascus Carbon Steel O1/A36 AG
Argiope Group 58 Tactical 1 ATS-34 R
Bellatrix Group 32 Collector's, Folding, Working 1 ATS-34 Stainless Steel N
Talitha Group 39 Collector's, Working 2 440C Stainless Steel AP
Phact Group 39 Collector's, Working 2 440C Stainless Steel AO
Andromeda Group 41 Collector's, Working 2 440C Stainless Steel CG, AN
Diablo Group 30 Collector's 1 O1 High Carbon Tungsten-Vanadium Tool Steel  
Marfak Group 32 Collector's, Working 1 440C Stainless Steel AK
Quark Folding Group 8 Collector's, Working 1 440C Stainless Steel Z
Ariel Athame Group 55 Dagger 1 440C Stainless Steel, 1.5" Sculpted Grind AE
Pecos II Group 6 Collector's, Working 1 440C Stainless Steel AC
Gnome Group 55 Dagger 1 ATS-34 Stainless Steel A
Markarian Hidden Tang Group 52 Tactical, Working 1 O-1 Tungsten-Vanadium Tool Steel, Bead Blasted, Hot Blued V
Enki Group 67 Collector's, Working,Tactical 1 440C Stainless Steel BG
Consus Magnum Group 78 Collector's, Working, Chef's 1 440C Stainless Steel M
Esposito N/A Collector's, Working 1 Damascus, Stainless Steel BI
Helicon Group 59 Collector's 1 440C stainless steel O
Izar Group 35 Collectors 1 SS Damask AA
Small Folding New Collector's, Work 1 D2 J
* The designation is my way of tracking projects in the studio

Creative or Inventory knives are knives that are not custom ordered; they are knives I make by my own choice. Consequently, these are some of the newest, most exciting designs and arrangements! As an artist, this is essential to me to allow my skill and creativity to grow. If I didn't make my inventory knives, the only knives you would see on my site are knives that have been made before, repeated. Though there are some really good knives that I regularly repeat, I am committed to growing as an artist and craftsman. In doing so, I typically try to make one inventory knife for every completed custom knife order in my own style and personal artistic fashion.

  • Knife Pattern
    This is the knife pattern, by name. All of my patterns (over 400) have a name, and they can be located on both the Patterns Page and in the Knife Pattern Alphabetic List Page. You can also locate links to them in this chart.
  • Pattern Group
    This is the pattern group where the pattern resides on my Knife Patterns Page.  Click on the links in this column of the table, and you'll be redirected to the group where the specific pattern resides. If completed knife pages or photos of that particular knife pattern exist on the site, I've included links there so you can see what a completed knife in that pattern looks like. These are NOT KNIVES FOR SALE, but photos of previously made and sold knives for comparison. The only knives currently available are on my Current Knives For Sale and Tactical Knives For Sale pages. Pay attention to the pattern group number and the name of the pattern. Note that I rarely make two knives alike (apart from tactical models) so you'll have to look at the photos of previously completed knives and consider what other materials, finish, and embellishment might look like.
  • Knife Type
    This is only a general suggestion, not a specific rule. Many of my tactical style knives are purchased for collection, a working knife may also be an art knife and hunting knife. Any knife finely embellished with etching or engraving can become a collector's knife.
  • Amount
    This is how many of these I have in production.
  • Blade Steel
    This is what the blade is made of. For more information about particular types of blade steels, please look at my Blades page topics: "What Steels do I use?" and "Damascus Steels".
  • Tracking Designation
    You'll see a tracking designation on the table. This means nothing to you, my client; it is simply my way of tracking knives and projects in the studio. There are so many knives underway that I have to identify and stay up with each individual project.

Many of the creative/inventory knives are not specifically dedicated to a certain type of handle, finishing, embellishment, sheath, stand, or accessories. Those that are available for your selection are listed here, and, depending on their level of completion, can be handled, embellished, finished, or accessorized to your needs and desires. You may be able to shorten the delivery time considerably as these knives are partially completed.

Please email me and let me know if you're interested in ordering any of the knives on this inventory list.

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Jay Fisher, working at the belt grinder, profiling blades with a fiberglass reinforced cutoff wheel at 5000 sfpm.

Thanks for checking in, come back soon!

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