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"Taranis" counterterrorism, tactical, combat knife, obverse side view in CPMS30V high vanadium stainless tool steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Olive/Black G10 fiberglass epoxy composite laminate handle, locking kydex, aluminum, stainless steel sheath with ultimate belt loop extender and accessories

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  • What makes my tactical knives special? I make some of the finest military, combat, tactical, counterterrorism, and commemorative custom knives in the world. How can I say that? I'm a career professional knifemaker and have almost four decades of experience. I know what's out there and I'll put my knives against ANY other combat knives for design, usefulness, durability, fit, finish, combat readiness, sheaths, service, and reputation. I work with servicemen and professionals in the field of combat and action to make their dream custom combat and professional knives, then offer the same designs and products for sale to the public on this very page. I'm constantly adding new patterns and upgrading and modifying my products. I've made for USAF Pararescue (our nation's top military rescue service), USAF SERE survivalists, US Army Special Forces, the US Army 101st Airborne, Army Rangers, Marines, Navy SEALs, Principle Security Details, Federal Agents, State Police, Bomb Squads, SWAT Teams, Sheriff's Officers, Tactical Teams, Explosives Ordinance Disposal Units (EODs), Assault Teams, Emergency Response Units, Firefighters and Rescue personnel and martial artists, and the instructors that train all these groups. I make knives for some the very best Israeli YAMAM counterterrorism teams in the world. All of these knives, sheaths, and accessories are the real thing.
  • How to use this page: Please visit back often, this page of current knives for sale is being updated regularly. Click on each link below to lead to an individual page with specifications, details, description, and more high quality photos on these tactical, counterterrorism, and combat knives.
I am committed to making completely and clearly the best knives in the world.

--Jay Fisher


"You know, I never believed in decorous weapons until I met Jay Fisher. Where does one draw the line between a fighting knife and a work of art?

Jay Fisher is a throwback to the age when craftsmen were *all* artists, not mere producers of products, when every item that went out the door had a story and a purpose all its own, and when you went to a craftsman not because of what you wanted but because of who he was.

Jay is a guy who knows how to use the modern to serve the past. We really do make better steel today than we did a hundred years ago - the idea of cutting an ancient Samurai sword in two with a modern American knife does have its attractions - and the blend of old and new in his work is totally seamless. A knight Templar would not have hesitated a moment to take Fisher's steel on his Holy Quest. In fact, he would have thought the technological edge a gift from an especially attentive God.

I suppose that says it all. Jay Fisher is one of a kind, a man who knows the riddle of steel, and that the difference between a good weapon and a bad one is the combination of how you make it and to whom you give it."

--Tom Clancy (world class, best selling author and historian)

Sorry, sold out again, but I do this for a living and more great knives are being made and will available here soon!

I served my apprenticeship as a tool maker (7yrs) which included a year or two of Metallurgy, but after 20yrs I believe I know craftsmanship when I see it . The quality of your production is rarely seen these day and way beyond what I have seen produced in the UK, it’s the combination of the design and finish that I haven’t seen.. I hasten to add that there are some very good cutlers but the designs are limited .. even made a couple myself but don’t have the “eye” for it. I don’t see it as flattery more a positive critique based on observation... just don’t put the price up as a result!!

Steve W.

Just walked in a few minutes ago ... knife was waiting for me when I arrived, and I must say at first glance it looked huge; however, once I took it out of the sheath it had that incredible feel that I have come to love with your knives. My PJLT Tac knife has been with me now on three different continents and it is now like and old friend. For my up coming deployment to OEF I wanted something with a little more bulk as well as something that I could carry in a survival/exfil mode...I must say this definitely looks and feels as if it has the perfect combination of length, weight, and balance to take on the most demanding tasks. I like the way you incorporated the webbing into this knife and it has the same secure locking mechanism that I have come to trust. After six months in OEF and another 60 days in Africa, I never once had the locking mechanism open while in motion. I carried it both upright and handle down on my vest and never once had a problem. I can't thank you enough Jay for your quick response and as in the past, having one of your blades close at hand is a very comforting feeling.

... I sing the praises of your knives at every opportunity and I only wish that every soldier, airman, sailor, marine, and civilian serving this great country of ours could have the opportunity to carry one of your knives where ever they might find themselves - most especially if that brings them into harm's way.
All the best Jay to you and yours and as always thank you very much.

--T. A.

I was tracking the package eagerly and was happy to find it arrived a day early. The knife is simply beautiful. Without being prone to hyperbole- it is the best knife I have ever held by far. I am so, so impressed. The balance is absolutely perfect. This is a beast of a knife, but it fits my hand like it was made for it- feels like an extension of my arm. The geometry of the blade is so perfectly symmetrical and the the cutting edge is surgical.
I remember reading your website where it says that you "make the real thing." I believed that statement when I read it, but now I feel what you mean. This is no factory production knife. I know our men in combat who carry your knives have confidence that the knife will stand up to any challenge. The kydex sheath is awesome and it locks the blade without even a slight jiggle. The accessories are such a nice touch and I greatly appreciated that you put that much thought into the components that would compliment the knife/sheath.
Jay, this is the finest object I have ever purchased. Thank you for being the professional that you are.

--C. B.

Hey Jayyyy
My Bulldog showed up yesterday another testament to your artistry and knife making abilities. It is perfect I truly love it I love the lines and balance it locks in my hand perfect in forward and reverse grip. The mirror finish is outstanding and the sheath is honestly the finest sheath I own or have even seen. A perfect package thanks so much Jay I really do love this knife.
--Regards, C.W.

Hi Jay,
the Macha Knife is Awesome!!
Mate the knife you sent me is totally wild! It has a great feel in my hand and well balanced too. This knife is already fitted to my Tac Vest and it will serve me well over here in Baghdad. I have shown only a few and some of them are very excited and one who wants an exact replica of my knife. Thanks again Jay for this truly remarkable weapon! I will be in touch,
Your Aussie Mate in Iraq!

If you cant Stand Behind our Troops...Then Stand in front of them!

"My sheath held my knife in place at all times... On one mission when rappelling into a hot HLZ with a 70 lbs pack I went upside down and got drug when the Helo decided to split, my knife was there. Jay, I know of no other knife that you made that has seen so much action. From the first ever Jump mission conducted at the PJ School to the 2 OEF deployments 23 Combat missions in all; not to forget multiple peace time missions. When my life depends on my knife why carry anything but the very best. Thanks for building the best for the best."
--SZ "Super" (United States Air Force Pararescue)

Dear Jay:
Yesterday I came home after a long day at work and was pleasantly surprised to see a box from you. That was fast, efficient service! When I opened the box I was blown away. Your knife was everything you said and more. It was not only beautifully made, comfortable to hold, magnificent to look at and sharp enough to cut a whisper, it was also well balanced and unlike most fine artwork which you are terrified to touch for fear that you might damage it, totally tangible. There is nothing like steel and stone for a combination. It feels better than any other knife I own and I have knives from many other great masters, Ray Beers, Reese Weiland and many more. I am not disparaging their work, they are masters and I will never trade or sell their work, but your knife gave me a totally different feeling. I have decided to try to buy one to two of your knives exclusively for the next couple years (depending on what I can talk you into).

Friday night I came home to a package from you. When I opened it I was amazed at how it turned out. It is even better than I had hoped for. My wife is even impressed and normally she could care less about my outdoor/hunting goodies. The file work on the spine gives it a very nice touch of class. The blade shape, blade contour, handle shape and size are all absolutely as I dreamed. The balance is so good it feels like an extension of my hand. I must admit that even though it was built exactly as I lined out the blade was a litter bigger than expected. That is a good sized chunk of steel. But it will be perfect for my uses. It has already pulled duty cutting open cardboard boxes and other stuff. I am always looking for an excuse to use it. I am going to have to get a new diamond stone to sharpen it though. My extra hard black Arkansas stone wouldn't touch the edge to dress it up after all the cutting I have one with it. I guess a fine diamond stone is in order.

Even though this is a work of art it will see use everyday being carried on my belt in uniform. As a soldier and hunter who has carried a lot of knives over the years I have never owned a blade like this. I feel very secure in knowing that if I am ever forced into a situation where this knife is called into service to pull my backside out of a bind it will perform no matter what I ask of it. This is the first knife I have ever felt capable of meeting those demands. On top of being an incredible working tool it is incredibly beautiful too.

Hi Jay,,,,
I received the knife on Friday December 31st, R. was very impressed. We all were. Thank you very much. He left early the next morning to head back to Lackland. Thanks for everything. I told R. he could get the Flash etched or whatever he preferred by contacting you.

Just getting back from Holiday leave. The knife came out awesome, we liked it a lot. We will probably do business again. Thanks for getting it done on time.

I received my "Kid" this morning. Thanks for its early shipment and for its impressive fit, finish, and utility!

I got the knife in today. Awesome is all I have to say.

...as far as the time I have no problem however long it takes to start or complete; I understand what it means to be very busy. As for the price I think it is fair to say that custom handmade knives are one of the most undervalued and underpriced products in the world. The level of artistry and commitment to excellence put in to your products these works belong among the highest rank of art available....your prices are more than fair and I have no problem paying for your craftsmanship... you're the master and I trust your judgment in full.

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