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Gemstone Knife Handle Photo Gallery Three
(Dumortierite to Jade, Siberian)

Welcome to page three

...of my gemstone knife handles photo galleries. The photo galleries were created to illustrate the many and varied gemstone knife handles I've made over more than three decades of knife making. It's easy to see why stone, rock, minerals, and gemstones have captivated man since the beginning of his existence on this rocky planet and will continue to do so!

The gallery pages are in alphabetic order. To see the master list, please visit the Gemstone Knife Handle Alphabetic List page. The pictures are thumbnails; click on them to see a larger picture with greater detail. Please remember that many of the full sized photographs are physically larger than the knife handle, so you are looking at a magnified version. As with any photo, there may be variations in color, density, and balance between monitors, browsers, and display settings.

You'll probably notice quite a variation in photographic quality of some of the photos. Early in my career, I took pictures of the knives with film, and had the film processed. I wasn't happy with that, so began to process on my own, improving the pictures considerably. Then the digital revolution came, and I moved to the realm of digital photography, improving the photographic quality and gearing my photography for this very digital medium. Many of the images of older knives and handles were scanned from old, low rendition prints and smaller negatives, so the quality of the image is less than optimum, but I included them because I believe it's important to see the gem material.

You'll also see repeats of certain gemstones, like Polvadera Jasper, Nephrite Jade, Red River Jasper, and granites. This is because not only do I use them a lot, but they also have variable character that is hard to describe with merely one photograph. For these same reasons, you'll see both sides of many of the handles, to give a complete view of the character of the gemstone.

Please remember that I do not have all of the gemstones pictured in the galleries available for new custom knife orders. I'll keep new gemstone knife handles posted, so please check back periodically. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about gemstone handled knives, visit my Gemstone Knife Handles page.

Thanks for being here!

Please click on the thumbnail photos for a full image
Dalmatian stone is a durable stone of plagioclase feldspar and arfvedsonite
Dalmatian Stone 1
Dalmatian Stone is also called Dalmatian Jasper, but it's not a jasper.
Dalmatian Stone 2
Dumortierite gemston knife handle on handmade custom knife by Jay Fisher
Dumortierite is an unusual purple gemstone with small orange-brown flakes
African Dumortieirite is very hard, tough and durable, taking a fine polish
African Dumortierite 2
Dumortierite from Africa is blue with lighter and darker shades.
African Dumortierite 3
African dumortierite is a very hard, tough and durable gemstone
African Dumortierite 4
Dumortierite can be very dark blue, and is the hardest, toughest naturally blue gemstone appllicable for knife handles
African Dumortierite 5
Eudialite gemstone custom knife handle
Eudialite is a rare gemstone from Russia
Eudialite 1
Eudialite is a form of Garnet
Eudialite 2
Eudialite garnet is from Western Russia
Eudialite 3
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae is over 65 million years old, and contains clear areas of chalcedony, agate, and jasper
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae is tough, hard, and durable, with interesting patterns and textures
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae 1
Fossilized Stromatolite Algae, one of the oldest fossils on the earth, several billion years old!
Fossil Stromatolite Algae
Fossil Stromatolite Algae is jasper, hematite, and agate. It is very hard, tough, and durable.
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 1
Fossil Stromatolite is one of the oldest rocks, the oldest fossils on earth, dating back to precambrian times
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 2
Fossil Stromatolite Algae derives its color from iron and hematite, iron oxide minerals
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 3
Fossilized Stromatolite Algae is Jasper,hematite, and quartz
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 4
Fossil stromatolite algae is hard, tough and durable taking a bright glassy polish
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 5
Fossilized Stromatolite Algae gemstone has striking contrast and high toughness
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 6
Here you can see the algae swirl and masses in this stone that is created through fossililzation over billions of years
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 7
Fossilized stromatolite algae is the oldest fossil on earth
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 8
Fossil stromatolite algae is very hard, dense, and solid, in jasper and hematite
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 9
huge 7 power enlargement of fossil stromatolite algae
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 10
Incredible detail and forms of this extremely old fossil in 7x enlargement
Fossil Stromatolite Algae 11
Blue Goldstone gemstone is manmade by an ancient process originally thought to be by Italian monks
Goldstone, Blue
Though the gem is glassine, it is very tough, and resistant to breakage, due to the copper inclusions
Goldstone, Blue 1
Goldstone is made by suspending bright copper flecks in tough, transparent glassine material and is similar to natural aventurine sunstone. It has been prized as a gem for centuries.
Goldstone, Green
Granite is one of the toughest, mose enduring stones
Granite 1
Migmatite Granite is formed under tremendous heat and pressure beneath the earth
Migmatite Granite
There are so many granites, they have become a nightmare for geologists to classify!
Migmatite Granite 1
Brown Hematite gemstone with feldspar inclusions on custom knife handle
Brown Hematite
Hematite is an iron rich gemstone, and comes in several colors. Bown hematite is uncommonl
Brown Hematite 1
Indian Paint rock originates in Death Valley, and is a highly compressed siltstone.
Indian Paint Rock
Indian Paint Rock's colors are due to iron (red) and manganese (black) mineral content. It's availability is limited, due to the area being declared a national park.
Indian Paint Rock 1
Alaskan Jade gemstone custom knife handle with hand-engraved stainless steel
Alaskan Jade
Alaskan Nephrite Jade gemstone knife handle
Alaskan Jade 1
Alaskan Jade gemstone on hidden tang knife handle with ebony hardwood
Alaskan Jade 2
Alaskan nephrite jade gemstone on full tang dagger handle
Alaskan Jade 3
Alaskan Nephrite jade is very tough, tough enough to be used without a rear bolster protecting the stone on the knife handle
Alaskan Jade 4
Australian Black Jade is a tough, durable nephrite jade
Australian Black Jade
Australian Black Jade has metallic inclusions, with deep rusty red areas and is visually interesting
Australian Black Jade 1
Australian Black Jade on push dagger knife handle
Australian Black Jade 2
Australian Black Jade is very tough and durable, with bits of red jasper and metallic pyrites
Australian Black Jade 3
Black Australian Nephrite Jade is hard, tough, and durable
Australian Black Jade 4
Australian Black Jade is uniform and smooth, and deep black throughout
Australian Black Jade 5
Black nephrite Jade from Australia is smooth and clean and very black
Australian Black Jade 6
Australian Black nephrite jade is tough, hard, and durable and will outlast the knife blade
Australian Black Jade 7
Australian black nephrite jade with Apache Gold (chrysopyrite and slate) mosaic on dagger handle
Australian Black Jade 8
Australian Black Jade is tough and durable, this one has inlays cut completely through the handle scale
Australian Black Jade 9
Australian Black Nephrite Jade with inlay of red river jasper and white geodic agate gemstone mosaic
Australian Black Jade 10
Australian Black jade is so dark a green that it's nearly black
Australian Black Jade 11
Black Jade gemstone, rotary diamond engraved, on custom handmade knife
Black Jade, Engraved
British Colombian Jade gemstone custom knife handle
British Colombian Jade
British Colombian Jade has interesting patterns, and is tough, hard, and takes a beautiful polish
British Colombian Jade 1
British Colombian Jade on a full tang dagger handle
British Colombian Jade 2
California Nephrite Jade gemstone is very tough, bright green, and takes a fine polish
California Jade 1
California Nephrite Jade gemstone is extremely tough and durable. Here, it's paired with black nephrite jade in a doublet mount
California Jade 2
Nephrite Jade wire wrapped hidden tang dagger, athane handle
Nephrite Jade
Nephrite Jade is one of the toughest gemstones, most resistant to breakage
Nephrite Jade 1
Nephrite Jade comes in many colors, with interesting patterns
Nephrite Jade 2
Nephrite Jade on liner lock folding knife handle
Nephrite Jade 3
Nephrite Jade comes from many places in North America; jade boulders were deposited by prehisoric glaciers
Nephrite Jade 4
Nephrite Jade has been used for tools and implements for over 4000 years
Nephrite Jade 5
Nephrite Jade was revered by the ancients for carvings, symbolism, and religious purposes
Nephrite Jade 6
Green nephrite jade is preferred over other colors, but comes in a variety
Nephrite Jade 7
Nephrite Jade's toughness is due to interlocking microscopic fibrous crystals
Nephrite Jade 8
Beautiful nephrite jade comes from Wyoming and California
Nephrite Jade 9
Nephrite Jade from California is green, translucent, beautiful
Nephrite Jade 10
California Nephrite Jade was probably deposited by an ancient glacier
Nephrite Jade 11
Nephrite Jade gemstone on custom hatchet handle is tough, hard, and durable
Nephrite Jade 12
Nephrite Jade is a timeless gemstone, used and adored throughout the ages
Nephrite Jade 13
Nephrite Jade gemstone from Wyoming is extremely tough and durable, tough enough for a tactical hidden tang handle
Nephrite Jade 14
Nephrite jade from Wyoming is smooth and takes a beautiful, lusterous finish
Nephrite Jade 15
Well-matched and extremely durable, Nephrite jade with 304 stainless steel guard and pommel
Nephrite Jade 16
Wyoming nephrite jade gemstone in a wire-wrapped handle
Nephrite Jade 17
Mossy Nephrite Jade has interesting mossy dendrites within the jade.
Mossy Nephrite Jade 1
Mossy Nephrite Jade ranges from pastel green to deep ocean green with translucency
Mossy Nephrite Jade 2
New Zealand Nephrite Jade is known as Pounamu and is a protected and special gemstone
New Zealand Jade (Pounamu)
Pounamu is the Maori highly valued "greenstone" considered a national treasure of New Zealand
New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) 1
Pounamu is New Zealand's greenstone, a nephrite jade valued by the natives and rare and difficult to obtain
New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) 2
Beautiful Pounamu is New Zealand nephrite jade, a tough, durable, and highly valued gemstone
New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) 3
Siberian Jade is nephrite, from northern areas, and is more uniform and translucent
Siberian Jade
Siberian Jade manmade objects have been radiocarbon dated to 4880 B.C.
Siberian Jade 1
Siberian Jade is tough enough for use on this combat grade knife handle
Siberian Jade 2
Siberian Jade is smooth, rich green, and very tough
Siberian Jade 3
Siberian Jade has been mined since the 1700's
Siberian Jade 4
Siberian Jade gemstone custom knife handle on a skinning knife
Siberian Jade 5

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