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Gemstone Knife Handle Photo Gallery Seven
(Petrified Cretaceous Algae to Quartz, Tiger Eye, Red)
Includes Fossilized Gemstone

Welcome to page seven

...of my gemstone knife handles photo galleries. The photo galleries were created to illustrate the many and varied gemstone knife handles I've made over more than three decades of knife making. It's easy to see why stone, rock, minerals, and gemstones have captivated man since the beginning of his existence on this rocky planet and will continue to do so!

The gallery pages are in alphabetic order. To see the master list, please visit the Gemstone Knife Handle Alphabetic List page. The pictures are thumbnails; click on them to see a larger picture with greater detail. Please remember that many of the full sized photographs are physically larger than the knife handle, so you are looking at a magnified version. As with any photo, there may be variations in color, density, and balance between monitors, browsers, and display settings.

You'll probably notice quite a variation in photographic quality of some of the photos. Early in my career, I took pictures of the knives with film, and had the film processed. I wasn't happy with that, so began to process on my own, improving the pictures considerably. Then the digital revolution came, and I moved to the realm of digital photography, improving the photographic quality and gearing my photography for this very digital medium. Many of the images of older knives and handles were scanned from old, low rendition prints and smaller negatives, so the quality of the image is less than optimum, but I included them because I believe it's important to see the gem material.

You'll also see repeats of certain gemstones, like Polvadera Jasper, Nephrite Jade, Red River Jasper, and granites. This is because not only do I use them a lot, but they also have variable character that is hard to describe with merely one photograph. For these same reasons, you'll see both sides of many of the handles, to give a complete view of the character of the gemstone.

Please remember that I do not have all of the gemstones pictured in the galleries available for new custom knife orders. I'll keep new gemstone knife handles posted, so please check back periodically. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about gemstone handled knives, visit my Gemstone Knife Handles page.

Thanks for being here!

Please click on the thumbnail photos for a full image
Fossilized (Petrified) Coral is jasper and agate
Petrified (Fossilized) Coral 1
Fossilized (Petrified) Coral from Indonesia
Fossilized Coral 2
Intricate patterns of what was once coral in the ocean, replaced by stone
Fossilized Coral 3
Fossilized coral is extremely hard and tough, taking a high polish
Fossilized Coral 4
Petrified Cretaceous Algae gemstone custom handmade fillet knife handle
Petrified Cretaceous Algae
Petrified (Fossilized) Cretaceous Algae is about 100 million years old, and is chalcedony and jasper
Petrified Cretaceous Algae
Fossilized (Petrified) Cretaceous period algae is at least 65 million years old
Fossilized (Petrified) Cretaceous Algae 2
Fossilized Cretaceous algae is jasper, a microcrystalline quartz
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae 3
Fossilized (Petrified) algae from the Cretaceous period
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae 4
Petrified (fossilized) cretaceous algae is very hard and tough, taking a bright polish
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae 5
Fossilized algae is hard with inclusions of white an translucent agate
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae 6
Petrified (fossilized) algae is a durable gemstone, and will outlast the blade
Fossilized Cretaceous Algae 7
Petrified Dinosaur bone gemstone knife handles with mokume gane bolsters
Petrified Dinosaur Bone
Petrified Dinosaur bone is a fossil, bones have been replaced by jaspers, agates, flints, and chalcedonys
Petrified Dinosaur Bone 1
Petrified dinosaur bone comes in many patterns and textures
Petrified Dinosaur Bone 2
Petrified dinosaur bone can be hard, tough, and very durable as well as fascinating in colors and patterns
Petrified Dinosaur Bone 3
Petrified Fern Wood has unusual patterns of grain and this one has plentiful worm holes, all replaced by stone
Petrified Fern Wood
This petrified fern wood from New Mexico is chalcedony, jasper, and agate and is very hard and tough
Petrified Fern Wood 1
Petrified Wood on full tang custom handmade knife handles
Petrified Wood
Petrified wood is wood that has been fossilized, that is replaced by minerals, rock, or gemstone.
Petrified Wood 1
Petrified wood is agate, jasper, chalcedony, quartz, and many other minerals
Petrified Wood 2
Petrified wood's colors are based on the mineral content of the strata,  not the color of the original wood
Petrified Wood 3
Petrified wood is strong, stable, and can be very hard and tough, taking a brilliant polish
Petrified Wood 4
Petrified (Fossilized) wood from the Petrified forest in eastern Arizona is chalcedony and jasper
Petrified Wood 5
Petrified wood gemstone on hidden tang knife handle with brass fittings
Petrified Wood 6
Petrified wood (agatized) with fascinating patterns. Each piece is distinctive and unique
Petrified Wood 7
Australian Petrified wood is opalized, milky, and smooth, with hints of reddish stain
Australian Petrified Wood
Australian opalized petrified wood has bold colors and banding, is milky smooth and solid
Australian Petrified Wood 1
Arizona petrified wood can have striking patterns and colors in jaspers and quartzes
Arizona Petrified Wood
Petrified Palm wood is usually black or white, with subtle patterns.
Black Petrified Palm Wood
Black petrified palm wood is agate; it's hard and tough enough to support machine screw mounting
Black Petrified Palm Wood 1
Black petrified palm wood on hookblade knife handle on custom SERE tactical knife
Black Petrified Palm Wood 2
Black petrified palm wood may have agate inclusions with crystals and pockets
Black Petrified Palm Wood 3
Black Petrified Palm wood cut "cross grain" has distinctive dotted pattern on this dagger handle
Black Petrified Palm Wood 4
Beautiful and tough, millions of years old, replaced by jasper and chalcedony, this petrified palm wood has traces of red in dark matrix
Black Petrified Palm Wood 5
Black Petrified palm wood engraved with a diamond stylus cuts white
Engraved Petrified Palm Wood
The bright engraved cut in the hard jasper petrifed wood is done with a diamond stylus, creating a fine, small, permanent scratch in the polished surface.
Engraved Petrified Palm Wood 1
White petrified palm wood is fossilized, agatized mineral, not a wood
White Petrified Palm Wood
White petrified palm wood has interesting palm tree pores in tan and brown
White Petrified Palm Wood 1
White petrified palm wood is agate and jasper, very hard and tough, and takes a bright, glassy polish
White Petrified Palm Wood 2
White petrified palm wood is tough and hard enough to use on a full tang knife without a rear bolster
White Petrified Palm Wood 3
White petrified palm wood gemstone can be oriented in various ways to accentuate the pattern of the pores
White Petrified Palm Wood 4
Petrified Palm tree gemstone is actually and agate, very hard and tough
White Petrified Palm Wood 5
Petrified Palm wood from an extremely large tree, extinct for 65 million years
White Petrified Palm Wood 6
Petrified Palm wood from Palmoxylon species, now extinct
White Petrified Palm Wood 7
White Petrified Palm wood is gemstone fossil, with fascinating patterns and extremely hard and durable
White Petrified Palm Wood 8
White petrified palm wood makes an excellent handle for chef's knives, is very solid, hard and impermeable
White Petrified Palm Wood 9
White petrified wood is fossilized, an agate, replacing wood by gemstone
White Petrified Wood
Pipestone is actually catlinite, a type of argillite which is metamorphosed mudstone, and is tough and durable, taking a bright polish
Pipestone (Catlinite)
Quartz with pyrite gemstone custom handmade hidden tang knife handle with brass fittings
Quartz with Pyrite
Quartz with pyrite on hidden tang knife handle with bloodwood spacers
Quartz with Pyrite 1
Quartz with pyrite is a tough, durable gem that polishes brightly with brown-golden pyrite metallic sheen
Quartz with Pyrite 2
Quartz with pyrite looks great with brass fittings on this hidden tang tactical knife with a sub-hilt
Quartz with Pyrite 3
Rose quartz on a hidden tang knife handle with cocobolo hardwood and brass
Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is translucent to transparent pink, tough, hard, and takes a good polish
Rose Quartz 1
Rutilated quartz is clear, transparent quartz with fine rutile fibers within. This piece is back-engraved and mounted on a damascus knife tang
Rutilated Quartz
Tiger eye quartz gemstone on hidden tang knife handle with ebony hardwood
Tiger Eye Quartz
Tiger Eye quartz has chatoyancy, that is a cat's eye effect when moved
Tiger Eye Quartz 1
Dark tiger eye quartz is usually called blue, but is bicolored and dark golden blue
Tiger Eye Quartz 2
Dark tiger eye quartz is a replacement for crocidolite, and sometimes has red jasper streaks and bright chatoyancy as it this photo
Tiger Eye Quartz 3
Tiger eye quartz makes striking, beautiful full tang knife handles like this set, on palm shaped handles
Tiger Eye Quartz 4
Tiger Eye Quartz Gemstone knife handle
Tiger Eye Quartz 5
Tiger Eye Quartz with chatoyancy works best on a fairly straight knife handle because viens are not wider than 1.5" typically
Tiger Eye Quartz 6
Bicolored Tiger Eye quartz has blue streaks in gold
Bicolor Tiger Eye Quartz
Bicolored tiger eye quartz is tough and durable on this full tang tactical art knife handle
Bicolor Tiger Eye Quartz 1
Blue Tiger Eye quartz is actually a dark golden blue
Blue Tiger Eye Quartz
Blue tiger eye quartz on this full tang knife polishes brightly and is durable and tough
Blue Tiger Eye Quartz 1
Red Tiger Eye Quartz is gold tiger eye that has been heat treated, so the iron turns to iron oxide which is bright brick red
Red Tiger Eye Quartz
Red Tiger Eye Quartz is red throughout, and has bright chatoyant pattens and light play
Red Tiger Eye Quartz 1

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